Saheliyon Ki Bari

Saheliyon Ki Bari Udaipur: Perfect Place To Rejuvenate Tired Mind

Visitors to the historic city Udaipur get a wide variety of sightseeing choices to explore, beyond doubt. After exploring the religious shrines and edifices of glorious past of the city, one can head to the serene and enticing Saheliyon ki Bari.

Things to Explore

The sprawling, lush garden contains a nice fountain, several marble structures and a museum is there too. The garden is located at the banks of beautiful Fateh Sagar Lake, and it is a place to soothe your mind and eyes. Saheliyon Ki Bari Udaipur was set up by erstwhile monarch Maharana Sangram Singh in 18th century. As per folklore, the king set up this lake side garden for his queen and her 48 maids. The garden was later beautified by his great grandson, Maharana Bhupal Singh and he set up the rain fountains. This made Saheliyon Ki Bari Udaipur even more enticing. The fountains were reportedly brought from England and have sculpted birds atop marble kiosks. The lotus pond is also enticing.

Getting glimpse into the marble kiosks of Mewar dynasty is possible in the museum. The museum also contains several stuffed animals which are amazing to look at.

Reasons to Visit

A stroll in the serene and beautiful garden is the perfect way to calm mind and give relief to tired eyes. Saheliyon Ki Bari Udaipur is ideal location for spending a quiet day after exploring religious shrines and ancient citadels in Udaipur. Photography is allowed and so taking snap of the fountains and greenery is possible.


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