Jag Mandir

Jag Mandir Udaipur: The Grand Edifice on Island

In the beautiful and historic city Udaipur, tourists have plenty of places to explore. From the ancient temples to artificial lakes and ruins of royal palaces, the list is pretty long. Those with penchant for exploring royal edifices with grandiose architecture should not miss out the Jag Mandir while visiting Udaipur. Located on an island in the pretty Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir Udaipur was built by Maharana Karan Singh and Jagat Singh. The palace is associated with a crucial part of the Mughal dynasty of India.

What to Explore

The architecture of the beautiful Jag Mandir Udaipur leaves most tourists awestruck, as it is. The huge elephants carved out of marble in this 17trh century edifice are nothing short of architectural marvel. The three-storied Palace carved out of yellow sandstone and white marble was built to help Prince Khurram (later who became Shah Jahan) to hide after he revolted against his father. Maharana Karan Singh aided Prince Khurram since the latter’s mother was Rajput. During the 1857 mutiny, Maharana Swaroop Singh gave shelter to several European families in this palace. The Gul Mahal in this palace has predominantly Islamic architecture. The courtyard of this palace is made with white and black tiles.

Reasons to See

The splendid architecture of the palace is compelling for any tourists. The beautiful gardens at the Jag Mandir Udaipur are also nice to explore. Its location also makes the palace must see for tourists exploring Udaipur. The Darikhana Restaurant located in the palace complex is a temptation foodies cannot resist.

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