Gulab Bagh & Zoo

The Exotic Gulab Bagh & Zoo Udaipur: A Treat for Nature and Wildlife Lovers

Located in the beautiful valley of Udaipur, close to Pichola lake, stands the enticing Gulab Bagh. Spread over an area spanning 100 acres, this garden is enticing and has become a major tourist attraction near the historic city. Gulab Bagh was originally built by the monarch Maharana Sajjan Singh ji in 1878. Previously named Sajjan Niwas Garden, it was rechristened Gulab Bagh & Zoo Udaipur owing to the huge variety of rose species.

Things to See and Explore

The beautiful and sprawling garden not only has exotic species of Rose but there is a lotus pond too. Visitors also get amazed by seeing the variety of fruit trees. There are plenty of mango, guava, grape, berry and pomegranate trees in this garden. Over the years, new species of plants have been planted at the Gulab Bagh & Zoo Udaipur, adding to its beauty. It has been divided in 45 sections as per the species of trees. In Gulab Bagh, visitors can also explore a museum which was earlier named Victoria Hall Museum. Later a library named Saraswati Bhawan Library was set up in garden premises .Visitors also enjoy exploring the small zoo located at the garden. At the zoo, there are several wildlife species like Lions, wild boars, gazelle, leopards, zebras and plenty of birds.

Reasons to Visit

There are plenty of reasons to visit the Gulab Bagh & Zoo Udaipur. The rich collection of flora and fauna is alluring. Its proximity to famous tourist places and main city also works in its favor.

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