Fatehsagar Lake

Fatehsagar Lake Udaipur: Waterbody Considered Pride of Udaipur

Udaipur, the beautiful historic city in Rajasthan, is known as much for its dynasties of Monarchs and their work as for the picturesque artificial lakes. These lakes have played a role in making Udaipur a prime tourist destination in Rajasthan, as it is. The Fatehsagar Lake Udaipur is one of these beautiful manmade lakes. Made by erstwhile Mewar king Maharana Jai Singh, its origins can be traced back to 1678. The pear-shaped lake is among the most frequented tourist spots in Udaipur. It is 2.4 km long and width is 1.6 km. It was revamped in 1889 by Maharana Fatah Singh, after whom it has been named.

What to Explore

The beauty of Fatehsagar Lake Udaipur is what attracts the visitors all over the year. There are 3 islands in it and the views of surrounding Aravalli Mountains are mind blowing. One of these islands named Nehru Park is used for picnics these days and it has a café shaped like a boat. The second island has a nice water jet fountain in the middle. On another island, there stands the Udaipur Solar Observatory. Tourists can indulge in speed boating in the lake. This is one well planned artificial lake with overflow channel and three intake channels.

Reasons to Visit

Owing to its scenic beauty and serenity, Fatehsagar Lake Udaipur draws a huge number of visitors in all months of the year. The islands are nice and shutterbugs also have a gala time here. Its location makes things convenient for visitors as well.

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